About us

Jason Humphreys Kinte is the founder and Chief Education Officer of Dream Livers Club Inc.(which is a for-profit corporation registered federally in Canada in 2018). He started the Dream Decade Challenge in 2010 and managed the $200,000 renovation of the Dream Livers Club Inc. head office purchased for $500,000 in 2016, which was sold for about $1 million CAD in 2022(www.phreehouses.com). Jason incorporated his first corporation in 1999, Phree Shares Inc.(Phreeshares.com), after completing an 8-month work-term as a Marketing Associate in charge of the Microsoft Canada Anti-Piracy website. See his references from his former colleagues and superiors including his manager from Microosft at www.linkedin.com/in/jasonkinte

Jason Kinte
Chief Education Officer
Sylvanie Humphreys Chief Financial Officer

Sylvanie Humphreys is a skilled Chief Financial Officer ensuring Dream Livers Club Inc. keeps a tight rein on expenses and pays its bills on time.  She worked for the Bank of Montreal for 33 years in Finance before taking an early retirement at 58. She started her career as a high school teacher in Antigua, then immigrated  to Canada, got married to Bernard Humphreys and had two children.

Vignesh Chavan Designer & Programmer

Vignesh Chavan is a 21 year old
graduate of IT college in India. He loves IT so much his nickname is IT Vignesh.