By Jason Kinte 10/5/1998

 “You should forgive your enemy”

…Once your enemy is identified

Who are you treating like your enemy? Does the answer lay inside?

The enemy causes destruction, death, has no self-control, is manipulative…acts immorally

If you do not restrain the enemy, life becomes disorderly

Remember Hitler?… Slavery?  The enemy is evil…you cannot let him take control

He is deceitful, treacherous…has no conscience…the enemy plays the evil role

The enemy only seeks power, money, and the pleasures of the flesh

The enemy is short-sighted, close-minded, ignorant…the enemy has no depth

The enemy is a greedy, exploitive, conscience-less capitalist when he has money

…And a murderous manipulative Marxist when he is poor

The enemy ends the peace and happiness

Due to his selfish arrogance, the enemy starts the war

The enemy is the reason humanity is in a sorry state

The enemy is the reason total annihilation may be our fate

The enemy consumes and pollutes the environment, the enemy lets the starving die

The enemy only looks after himself, and for the short-term…

…I think the enemy is I

What do you do when you realize you are your own enemy? Tell me, what do you do?

The first stage is to identify the enemy, but what is the next stage- what is stage two?

Do you kill the enemy like we do when a war is being waged?

But wouldn’t that be the same as being killed by the enemy?

Reinforcing the fact that you’re the enemy -which takes you back to the first stage

Do you lock him up in prison and throw away the key?

Like we do in our society? Is that what I should do with me?

Imprison my mind – or a certain part thereof, even though that would be hard?

But then, wouldn’t the enemy be the judge, the jury

Defence attorney, sentencer, and also be the prison guard?

Is that what happens when people go ‘mad’ – as we call it?

Psychiatrists say some can’t face their problems and that is why they go insane

But is it they that were brave enough to stand trial – are they the ones that faced the pain?

What should I do with the enemy? I have him in my custody – please let me know

I don’t want to surrender to his wishes, I don’t want to let him go

Do you torture the enemy? Is that the answer for which I search?

Or is that lowering myself to his methods? Would that be him torturing me with guilt?

May it be impossible for me to be certain? Yet…I feel I must decide

While I delay judgement he continues inflicting pain and feeling none, getting a free ride

I don’t want to lose hold of him and forget who he is or allow him to advance

What should I do with him? Tell me fast…while I am still in command

I don’t want to let him off…but he is trying to change my mind